Big Moose Station Restaurant

Big Moose Station Restaurant
Name: Big Moose Station Restaurant
Business Description:

We are a family owned and operating business.  The charm and character of the historic building emphasized our desire to purchase.  You will enjoy the personalized service and attention by all.

Please join us.  We are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We will be happy to prepare a delicious meal or make a specialized drink from our station drink menu.  We are proud to serve 3 Blind Moose as our house wine  and Moosehead beer.  We couldn’t pass on the names.

Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome at the Big Moose Station.  We will make all necessary steps to ensure your experience is desirable

Normal hours of operation

Hours of Operation

Open daily from 11:30 AM for lunch and 5:00 PM for dinner (or when NY State law instructs us to serve the last drink)

Abnormal hours of operation

Any time my truck is in the driveway.

Phone Number: 315-357-3525
Fax: 315-357-5777
Address: 2138 Big Moose Road
City: Eagle Bay
State: NY
Zip: 13331

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