Stillwater Hotel

Stillwater Hotel
Name: Stillwater Hotel
Business Description:

Welcome to Stillwater Hotel, located in the Adirondack Park, on the beautiful Stillwater Reservoir. Claimed by many to be one of the last pure, untouched places of the United States. Stillwater offers a unique experiance difficult to be found anywhere else in the country.

Come and relax with us on the western shore of the Stillwater Reservoir. The 117 miles of shoreline and 45 islands beckon, providing endless possibilities for adventure and relaxation.

We offer seasonal accomodation for one and all: The Snowmobiler, hunter, fisherman, boater, swimmer, hiker, kayaker, canoeist, and especially those who just want to enjoy the tranquil beauty and “Just get away from it all”

Phone Number: 315-376-6470
Address: 2591 Stillwater Road
City: Lowville
State: NY
Zip: 13367

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